Plex running in docker

Mar 22, 2019 16:45 · 189 words · 1 minute read bash linux plex docker

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Let’s write a script to run Plex in docker

Plex is great. Host all your media in your own hardware. Upgrading Plex from a binary is not great. Letting docker run latest is the easiest way I’ve found to upgrade. First, you have to make a few dirs, but it is straight-forward.

mkdir -p /mnt/data/plex/db
mkdir -p /mnt/data/plex/tmp

Great, now we have our folder structure. Now we will create a script to start plex in docker. Open a new file: nano and copy this into it.


docker run \
-d \ # run in daemon mode
--name plex \
--network=host \ # use NIC card of host machine
-e TZ="America/Chicago" \ # enter your timezone
-e PLEX_CLAIM="claim-xxxyyyzzz" \ #
-h localhost \ # hostname
-v /mnt/data/plex/db:/config \ # mapping config dir
-v /mnt/data/plex/tmp:/transcode \ # mapping transcode dir
-v /mnt/data:/data \ # mapping data dir
--restart=always \ # restart in event of a failed container
linuxserver/plex:latest # image source

After that, just make the file executable by running chmod +x and then ./ That’s it! You should have plex running in your own docker container!